MMRS - modular micro-reaction system

Innovative building kit for lab use, pilot plants and production

Base plate dimension (l x w)*: 212 x 162 / 325 x 212 / 425 x 325 mm2
Max. pressure process medium: up to 100 bar
Temperature: -20 °C to +200 °C (**optional -60 °C to 600 °C)
Material (in contact with process medium): Stainless Steel A4 or Hastelloy® C276/22, FFKM, PTFE

* Other dimensions on request; depending on the module composition, the height varies
**Only modules with special sealing material and/or specific modules

The Modular MicroReaction System is small, smart and comprises more than 60 individual modules: reactors, mixers, heat exchangers, sensors, and actuators.

The MMRS provides users with a globally unique equipment for research and development as well as for small-quantity production. It allows for an individual configuration, while maximizing flexibility and optimizing the reaction conditions of multi-stage syntheses, which makes this innovative system so unique. The MMRS offers optimum preconditions for imaging a multi-stage synthesis reaction in a minimized timeframe and allows performing this automatically.

MMRS modules prove particularly efficacious in sophisticated reactions, including exothermic and safety-critical reactions, for example when using toxic or explosive substances. The MMRS is compact, sturdy, easy to handle and simple to clean since almost all modules can be dismantled. It can also be seamlessly transferred from laboratory to pilot and production. 

For more information about the MMRS - modular micro reaction system, please visit the Ehrfeld website

Typical applications

  • Mixing, emulsification, dispersion, particle precipitation
  • Homogeneous / Heterogeneous synthesis (also with catalyst and/or multi-step)
  • Photochemistry