Corrosion testing autoclaves

Buchiglas (Büchi AG) is specialized in custom designs to meet your specific testing requirements.

Our pressure reactor systems are used for various corrosion testing methods including high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) test applications.

Corrosion testing requires the realistic simulation of the process environment. These environments often include HPHT (high pressure high temperature) conditions.
Thanks to our proprietary designs and the use of high-performance materials our industry leading HPHT corrosion testing autoclaves are suitable for the most challenging corrosion testing applications. 

We have worked jointly with customers from various industries such as upstream and downstream oil & gas, petrochemicals, steel, nuclear and conventional power generation, inspection, certification and testing to design, engineer and manufacture customized corrosion testing solutions for their individual applications. 

We have longstanding expertise in the design, engineering and manufacturing of corrosion testing autoclaves made from different corrosion resistant materials such as: 

  • Hastelloy®
  • Titanium
  • Tantalum
  • Zirconium
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Glass-lined steel 


Typische Applikationen

  • Corrosion testing / measurement
  • Corrosion testing autoclave
  • Corrosion test cell
  • Rotating cage apparatus
  • Materials testing
  • Weight loss testing
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavenger testing
  • Corrosion inhibitor testing 
  • Electrochemistry 
  • Electrochemical corrosion testing 
  • Well condition simulation